Ever have that place where you know it’s good, have heard tons of good things about it, drive past it all the time, but for some reason never went? The Highland Bakery in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward is one of those places for me.hearts

It’s a gas guzzling 1.6 miles from my house and it took a visiting guest from Boston who’d been there one of his past trips, and recommended that we go, so there we went.


I’d recommend wearing a blindfold in the front bakery area if you’re on a diet, because it’ll go out the window once you catch a glimpse of the display cases. I gained about five pounds just looking at the spread.


The wide-open dining room has a nice laid back-loft vibe and the service was picture-perfect.


As for the food? I tried the Cowboy Benedict — two quesadillas with seasoned black beans, poached eggs, and Hollandaise with a spicy relish, and the Peanut Butter French Toast (salmonella be damned!) – which consisted of challah bread filled with peanut butter, dipped in batter, encrusted with bran flakes and topped with caramelized bananas.


What they don’t mention about the french toast on the menu is it’s HUGE, and as our server quipped later, could feed three people.


As cliche as it can be on a brunch menu, I love eggs benedict and HB’s take on it was delicious. I *love* french toast, and challah bread, and HB isn’t afraid to give their diners their money’s worth. The slices of challah were thick and there was plenty of peanut butter and bananas to go around. I’ll be craving this until I head back there again. I could say it made me jump for joy afterwards, but, my belly was just too full. This kid had no problem doing so after his meal, with a little assistance…


HIGHLAND BAKERY 655 Highland Avenue, #10, Atlanta, GA 30312 – 404-586-0772