Speaking with my friend Gene this weekend reminded me that I had a ton of photos from my trip a few months ago to New York City that I hadn’t yet processed or put into the blog. I’d love to say that I was dining at Le Cirque and Le Bernardin every night, but unfortunately my wallet said no.  I visited a couple ramen shops, pizza joints, lots of espresso bars, and everything in between. The plan is to sprinkle in these posts along with the current stuff.


First up is Beard Papa hailing originally from Japan. I first encountered Beard Papa a couple of years ago, and came in contact with it a few years ago in San Francisco in a food court. The folks at the Westfield would probably shutter to hear someone call their foodie kingdom at the San Francisco Centre a food court, they prefer to use the term “food emporium“. You won’t find a Corn Dog on a Stick anywhere in the vicinity, and the line for Beard Papa kiosk had a line seemingly a mile long for the addictive goodness within.


A cream puff, really? I couldn’t imagine standing in line for one, but the curiosity got the best of me and as you can imagine it was pretty delicious. Thankfully the lines were much shorter at the locations I visited in New York to pick up these sugar bombs. The puffs are a bit crunchy and are filled with cream after you place your order. The puffs are then dusted with a little powdered sugar to finish them off





…and then you get to take them home and eat them, or in my case eat them on the subway and grab a couple more downtown and bring them back to Brooklyn to your host. I’m just waiting for someone to bring them to Atlanta. Please?

bpapa-quadBEARD PAPA’S Locations nationwide in New York, New Jersey, Florida,  California, Hawaii and Washington state.