I’ve had the travel bug for as long as I can remember. I was born and raised in Cleveland and road tripped it up to Toronto, Canada every summer and would be excited by getting funny-looking colored paper money and coins called loonies and toonies at the border,  and poking fun at my cousins accents. Of course they returned the favor as well.

Trips to Jamaica, where my parents were born and most of the extended family still lives, weren’t quite as often, but stoked my interest in travel even more. The ritual of filling out the customs cards, the questioning, the strange airline food, and the women who confiscated food upon entry. I swear to you my mother would pack Eggo waffles with us. Sometimes the food sailed through, occasionally it’d be a big fail. Returning back was always the question of how much white rum (Wray & Nephews – and not the watered down imported stuff) would make it back to Ohio.


My most recent trip wasn’t to a foreign land, but to a place that’s always on my mind. I love California, and my trips are usually pretty short, but through the generosity of guests, no hotel was required and cut down on the expense a ton, which meant splurges in the food department. Thanksgiving was just incredible, and I’m thankful for my family and the friends in my life.


I’ve got plenty to share, so here are a few snapshots from the trip. I promise to share more with you soon. Although San Francisco is not new to me, it always has new treasures for me to explore on each visit. Sonoma County was new ground to me, and I was amazed at everything it had in store for me. Thanks to Hardy & Tracy for putting up with me for a week, and to meeting new friends. There will be plenty of more photographs to come.



hardy n tracy2
Hardy (Mr. Dirty South Wine) & Tracy