Farm Cart!! As Tami and I rolled into Athens, GA for the annual Georgia Organics conference last weekend we noticed the farm cart from the folks at Farm 255 restaurant parked nearby the convention center. Forgive me for the excitement, but in Atlanta we have a small problem of legislation which it makes things a little difficult for mobile food truck operators to do their thing in our city. Atlanta magazine writer and Knife & Fork editor Christiane Lauterbach has created and excellent blog making her case for trucks in the city.

It turns out that Athens isn’t immune to issues surrounding food trucks, however they did receive special permission to park their cart temporarily near the conference for the weekend. The cart is usually stationed next to the excellent Farm 255 restaurant in downtown Athens.

The folks at Farm 255 have found a way to provide healthy meals to the Athens and University of Georgia community at a relatively low cost in addition to supporting area farmers. Jared Pickard, a farmer’s apprentice who until recently worked in the financial industry in New York City demonstrated “the Elroy” not officially on the menu, yet made up from everything served on the cart on a given day.

In addition to the great food, there’s a wonderful sense of community that in many cases you don’t get when dining in a restaurant and sitting in a table with your own party, and carts have the flexibility to create items that may not work as well in a traditional setting. I can only hope that food trucks while be rolling there way through Atlanta in the future.

FARM 255 – 255 West Washington St, Athens, GA 30601 – 706-549-4660 Twitter: @farm255