What’s this sign say above?? I can’t be too sure, as I’m not fluent in Thai, but if you happen to be in Los Angeles, immediately turn around and park happily in this shopping center and be prepared for deliciousness.

A friend who I’d never met in person, Teri sent me a text the second day while I was out in LA and asked if I wanted to head to check out a place called Jitlada. I gladly said yes and was on my way from Long Beach with the good ol’ iPhone GPS as my guide. I think I passed the place two or three times before I’d found it — sitting in a strip mall on West Sunset Blvd.

Please forgive me, as I don’t have a ton of food porn to share with you. In between bites of searing hotness & a cacophony of flavors new to me, the evening was all about catching up with a friend and fellow food blogger (Caution: this link will make you hungry).

Some of the images in this post may be a little grainy or out of focus, but I did want to miss letting you know about Jitlada, as the restaurant has amazing food and is a must if you’re out in LA.

Atlanta has an abundance of Thai restaurants although few specialize in regional cuisines, and southern Thai is the focus at Jitlada. You’ll find your pad thai noodles there, but the real fun lies in the amazing southern curries and the fried whole fish that dreams are made of. If you’d like to read a better synopsis, check out the first paragraph by local culinary poet Bill Addison in his review of Tuk Tuk. If you’ve read it, you’ll understand what you’ll get here.

Teri inspired two other trips while out in L.A., and I promise that you won’t have to wait a month and a half for them. In addition to the great food, the folks that work here are great – upon hearing from the tattooed fella above that I was from out of town, the owner ran over with a guestbook for me to sign. It’s the little things that speak volumes, even in a megalopolis like Los Angeles.

JITLADA THAI RESTAURANT – 5233 West Sunset Boulevard – Los Angeles, CA 90027 – (323) 663-3104