I spent a week in Los Angeles this spring, and as I do often when I’m traveling — drive aimlessly just to get a feel for different neighborhoods. LA also makes Atlanta look like childplay when it comes to the traffic arena, and although I had plenty of food in my belly, I made a U-Turn when I drove past the lines of folks outside of Tito’s Tacos.

I remember earlier in the week when my friend, photographer Teri Lyn Fisher told me I *HAD* to go to Tito’s.

That’s Teri up above, at my first dinner in LA at Jitlada Thai, and if you head to LA I’ll tell you that you MUST go there.

Tito’s also rated a mention in LA Weekly cover story by Jonathan Gold entitled 99 Things to Eat in L.A. before you die. We’re not talking gourmet cuisine here. The hard-shell tacos here are more akin to your local Taco Bell than your beloved neighborhood taqueria. What you do get here is a bit of old Los Angeles, friendly service and stomach-filling food on the cheap. Take the jingle for a spin on their website.

I could be wrong, but I get the impression from the folks here that they’ve been working there for a while and are a big reason why folks keep coming back, even with the lack of a drive-through or being a cash-only joint. I wish I had the stomach space to grab a couple of tamales as well, I did try the enchiladas – tasty but not photogenic as well. My apologies.

If you find yourself in Culver City away from the tourist hordes, grab a taco & enjoy.