As I write this, it’s 23 degrees in Atlanta, and according to the Weather Channel, it feels like 9 degrees. I believe it. Yes, I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, but I moved down south for a reason, I hate the cold weather. I’d say I didn’t move far enough south, but the low in Miami is 32 degrees tonight, yikes! I wish I could say that I’m in Long Beach right now, but I’m not. I took these photos in late winter/early spring, but it warms me up a bit just posting them for you. I also recently started a facebook page, y’all like me, right?

If there was a soundtrack for this blog post, it would be the “back-in-the-day” hip hop station KDAY-FM.

Yes, more palm trees. I love palm trees. There will definitely be palm trees wherever I retire. I can promise you that.

Brunch at Claire’s with an ocean view – Yes, please.

Brunch is really just an accessory to bloody mary’s though, right?

I have no idea what goes on at this building, but I like it… and I love gargoyles. I love modern architecture, but I can’t get enough of gargoyles.

Isn’t she cute? What’s not to love?

Adorable, I know. Little EJC looks nothing like this anymore however, just another reason I need to get back to Long Beach.

Nope, it’s not LA. Little Long Beach. However, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a view of the water in downtown LA.

Stylist Adam Pearson & Photographer Matt Armendariz working on some test shots. The natural light in their studio is incredible.

Another baby photo. Awwww.

The sculpture garden at the Museum of Latin American Art. Loved the gigantic fork & knife on display, and who doesn’t like bright colors?

Hey, Mary! I’m on a boat!

My hosts on the trip – Doug & Dave. Thanks y’all.

I didn’t always have my camera though  — lunch at Open Sesame in Belmont Shore was tasty, I stopped for a caffeine fix at Hot Java , and a purikura & Korean BBQ run to Cham Sut Gol in the OC w/ Brian & Aaron (OMG  so good…) and spent my last night checking out local art at First Fridays art walk.

So there ya have it, you’re dying to go to Long Beach now, right? I spent most of my time in this trip in Los Angeles, but Long Beach was a fun home base. I was foursquare mayor for the Bixby Knolls Jamba Juice before I left. I LOVE Jamba Juice. Anyway….

Good night Long Beach.