I’m slightly addicted to Twitter. I’ll admit it! I’m able to keep up with friends, make new ones, and keep tabs on what’s going on around town. Consistent tweets about watermelon margaritas from the folks at Fox Brothers BBQ led me to their three day old  Texas-themed venture Big Tex Cantina in Decatur. Considering the 90+ degree weather we’ll have all week, I’m quite sure they’ll sell plenty of these.

Texas Poutine

As a friend pointed out when texting menu details, “it isn’t diet food, clearly.” Chicken fried steak, fried avocado tacos, cheese stacked enchiladas, and Texas poutine are a few features on the menu. In their defense, they do have a house made veggie burger  made of black beans, quinoa, sweet potato, onion and corn, topped with pickled beetd, radish & avocado. If I ever dined here with a vegetarian I’d be interested to try a bite of one.

Chicken Fried Chicken sandwich & creamed corn

Chili & a selection of tacos including the front and center, fried avocado


Featured on their menu as well is their signature burger that includes brisket from Fox Bros. BBQ and the Dr. Pepper chocolate cake sounds pretty tempting. They’ve also got a full bar and Skee-ball(!). Their website is not yet live – I’ve linked to their facebook page below.

BIG TEX CANTINA 308 West Ponce de Leon Ave, Decatur, GA 30030