A couple of weeks ago a call went out on Twitter and Facebook announcing a pie party by Seattle’s Shauna Ahern, better known as the Gluten-Free Girl. I’ve never made a pie before and decided that this would be a good time as any to try. What pie should I make? It’s definitely peach time in Georgia, so that’d make an excellent pie with local ingredients. The All-American blueberry pie would be a good choice to, with plenty of “you-pick” farms in North Georgia this time of year. I had thoughts of doing a peach-blueberry pie, or a twist of this nature or that, and before you know it, procrastination got the best of me this time.

Yep, home of the flying fish

Although I don’t have a beautiful sweet pie to share with you today, I do promise to make a good and make a pie this summer, and hopefully it’ll look tasty enough to share with y’all. In the meantime, I would like to share with you about a little corner of Seattle I visited a year ago this week. 51 weeks ago, I was sitting in the bar at Cypress Street. messing around with my iPhone as usual, when one of my best friends Beth mentioned that she was going to Seattle later that week.

My partner in crime Beth, on photo safari at Januik Winery in Woodinville, WA. Yes I'm pretty sure she could fit inside her purse

The Pacific Northwest had been on my radar for quite a while, and I’d been racking my brain on which spot to visit first. Seattle? Portland? I’d even put out the question on twitter – and unfortunately that wasn’t a big help in deciding – since folks have fierce loyalties to both cities, and they’re both worth a trip. As you can tell by the photos on this post, I made the trip to Washington. I did also get a chance to swing by Portland.

I had to swing by Macrina Bakery


Seattle has an incredible food scene and a great collective of writers and bloggers who love food (and of course, coffee!) as much as I do. During my first trip to BlogHer Food 2009 ( the first large-scale food blogger conference) I connected with Ashley Rodriguez of Not Without Salt and Alice Currah of Savory Sweet Life. They’re both incredible people and thanks to social media I still get to check in with them often. My visit happened to coincide with a reception with blogger Aran Goyoaga of Cannelle et Vanille who was teaching a food photography workshop that weekend, and I was invited along. It was a great afternoon filled with amazing food, conversation and meeting bloggers I was quite fond of.

I had a brief encounter with Molly Wizenberg that afternoon, the author of Orangette and one of the first food blogs I encounter many moons ago. Beautiful stories and incredible photos, it reads like a diary and draws you in. We had a brief conversation and I mentioned that I hoped to visit her restaurant Delancey that she opened with her husband Brandon.

I’m not talking about apple or strawberry or peach pies here, I’m talking about pizza. Pie, and pizza pie in this case, has sharing as its core. I asked my friends Bobby & Jenny, who I hadn’t  seen since leaving Atlanta, to join me in Ballard to check out the restaurant. The weather in Seattle & Portland while I was there couldn’t make quite make up its mind. It was warm and pleasant the day I arrived, freezing cold & wet on July 4th ( I’d never warn a hoodie & jeans to an Independence Day BBQ) and hot at the end of the week.

Our server - she's awesome

I had read a lot about the restaurant ahead of time, and was pleased when I got there early enough in the evening that I wouldn’t have to wait for a table. It was a bit hot outside and they set out a table for my guests & I on the patio, and our server was really wonderful when it came to myself and my penchant for taking photos.



We had a lot of laughs, drank local beer and discussed the differences between living in Atlanta and Seattle. They love living in an outdoorsman’s paradise and the whole blue state thing is a big plus coming from Georgia. I won’t go into too many specifics of the food, as this isn’t a review. I will say that Delancey is a lot like baking a pie for your friends and family.

There’s a lot love and great care into what they do. The restaurant is not a large place and there isn’t a large lighted sign out front with a phone number to call for delivery. Like most great restaurants, local food, a carefully curated menu and beverage list & a killer dessert menu are part of the plan here.

It was very evident that the restaurant is part of the community, with patrons arriving on foot, on bicycle, by car and in strollers. If you get a chance to visit Seattle, be sure to visit Delancey and check out the surrounding neighborhood of Ballard. You’ll be glad you did.

Washington cherries by themselves are a dessert, this was heavenly

If I remember correctly this was a strawberry-rhubarb shortcake, incredible

I don’t have a recipe to share with you, however pizza is quite easy to make and you can freestyle to make your own creation. I actually did make some pizza today, you can find my iPhone photo here. The ingredients weren’t glamorous, and I used store-bought pizza dough and canned tomato sauce. The toppings are where you can have a bit of fun, and I chose to top mine with items I picked up Sunday at the Grant Park Farmer’s Market —  local pesto from Hope’s Gardens, mozzarella from Antico Mercante, manchego cheese and basil from Patchwork City Farms & some random seasonings. A little love goes a long way too.

Still looking for a pie recipe? There are some amazing posts around the web today and this is by no means a complete list. Check them out!

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