Just who is this woman on the top of this page? It’s Dale, head of the grandaddy of Atlanta food fests, Taste of Atlanta. She’d really love to see you this weekend. Taste of Atlanta has bounced around the city in year’s past and has seemed to have found it’s groove in Midtown at Technology Square. It’s been blessed with great weather the past several years and it looks like we’re in for a repeat performance this year.

Chicken & Waffles from Gladys & Ron's

I guess is the point where I tell you that hundreds of restaurants will be offering tastes of deliciousness, there will be chef demos, wine tastings, booze in the VIP tent etc ( I guess I just did?. I’d love to elaborate, but I’m actually running late for lunch with my man Brad, Mr. Thirsty South.

Hot chicks selling beer! (She's a good friend of mine, please don't send hate mail)

One of the highlights last year for me was a session of Inside the Food Studio, which was a ticketed event last year and now is open to the public on a first come, first served basis. I hate regurgitating press releases, but I’ll do so on this occasion. Please forgive me y’all.


Get a designated driver or take MARTA!

The 2011 Inside the Food Studio session highlights include:


  • ·         A Knack for Global Snacks, presented by John Kessler: The seasoned AJC critic guides this journey across the world as Atlanta’s own Top Chef contestant Hector Santiago of Pura Vida joins Guy Wong of Miso Izakaya to discuss and sample the international snacks the chefs grew up loving.
  • ·         Simply Southern Thanksgiving: With the turkey-centric feast looming, guests delve into the dishes and traditions of a southern feast and get inspired with modern twists on all their hearty favorites. Chef Ford Fry of JCT. Kitchen and Drew Belline of No. 246 dish on how to dazzle at this year’s Thanksgiving table.
  • ·         Tongue-in-Cheek Tacos and Tequila: Revelers can get in on the fiesta with this spicy session. Guests get the scoop on the history and culture behind this idyllic duo that is pushing the boundaries of Atlanta’s dining scene.
  • ·         Cake Crusade: Some of Atlanta’s top pastry chefs go head-to-head for a decorating throw down. When the secret theme is revealed, the sweets savants craft their custom creations. For some sugary justice, the audience votes on who takes the cake
The list of sessions can be found here.
If you want the whole rundown on Taste of Atlanta – check out their website or download their iPhone app
There are a couple of deals going on. Advanced ticket sales are $20 when using the promotion code “TASTE” for $5 off. Half Off Depot has a great sale going on right now (updated 4:53pm — scratch that! it looks like it’s over) for Sunday VIP ticket sales for $40 which gets you some free booze & fancy shmancy seminars.  As always, if you see me there (on Saturday) — say hey! I love to meet my readers. Have a great weekend!
TASTE OF ATLANTA – Spring Street & Fifth Street, Technology Square, Midtown Atlanta





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