My friends @ Steady Hand Pour House

“The best camera is the one that’s with you” is a quote heard often (and debated) in camera circles. It’s also (Best Camera) the name of one of the countless photography apps on my phone. There’s no doubt that my digital SLR, my Canon 7D takes incredible photos, and is the primary camera that I use for the blog, I increasingly turn to my iPhone 4. Most cameras, and even many camera phones are capable of higher resolution, boast more megapixels, and came with onboard flashes long before this instrument dreamed up by the masterminds at Apple.

Downtown Atlanta

Apple’s rarely the first at anything they’ve produced, they didn’t create the first computer, mp3 player makes long battled with record companies before Apple came into the picture, “tablets of the future” have been talked about ad nauseum before the iPad came into play. However, Steve Jobs and his team created an array of products that consumers crave and leave others scrambling to catch up. Even if you’ve never owned an Apple product, there’s no doubt that you own or interface with a product that’s been touched or inspired by Apple in some way.

Georgia Tech gameday

People close to me know that my iPhone 4 and I are attached at the hip, and at one point I thought that I’d peruse through the thousands of iPhone photos in my Lightroom catalog and choose my favorites. I had a change of heart and decided to just choose a couple and limit myself to the last month. That couple of photos, turned quickly into 21. I take a LOT of iPhone photos.

Reid Ramsay of at The Porter's 3rd anniversary shindig

They aren’t my best work, but they capture a bit of my life from the last month, and some of the food, drink, and friends that play an important part of my life. I hope you enjoy them. Rest easy, Steve.

Korean taco plate, Blossom Tree


Bronx Bagels, Alpharetta

Steady Hand Pour House

The Beer Growler, Avondale Estates

Bobby Dodd stadium at Grant Field

Chef Jared Lee Pyles, HD1

Riggs wedding, The Greystone at Piedmont Park

4th and Swift restaurant

Olivia (& Carla Hall)

Chris Thornton of the blog, The Peche

Fairlie Poplar historic district, Downtown

Double Zero Napoletana, Sandy Springs

Proprietor Tony Riffel, Octane Coffee + Little Tart Bakeshop, Grant Park

Party at Ponce, Ponce City Market

Hunter Thornton, Field of Greens festival

Habachy Designs Pop-Up Store, Midtown

JCT Bar, Westside