Another year has come and almost gone, and we have a chance to get together with friends and loved ones to enjoy Christmas, Hanukkah and just being with one another.  Although I don’t get a chance to express it much on the blog as it’s devoted to food, I’m big lover of music. When a good friend sent over a holiday card via e-mail she included a wonderful playlist of holiday tunes.

Who can resist a good Christmas album? (Don’t answer that!)Although the tunes have stayed the same for years, it hasn’t stopped musicians from putting their own spin on the classics. New favorites of mine in 2011 were releases by Michael Buble & She & Him.  My all time favorite is Mariah Carey’s signature track & as an 80’s child you can’t have a playlist without Wham. Without further ado, my holiday Spotify playlist is here. If you’re not familiar with Spotify, and are in the United States or select other countries (I’m sorry, Canada!) that the service is supported, click here.

Have a Merry Christmas!