The holidays are here! Of course this is no news flash for you, although it’s really crept up on me this year. Thankfully we’ve had an enjoyable fall here in Atlanta, and I’ve enjoyed getting out and enjoying the fresh air after a rather steaming summer.

I was pretty impressed by the gift guide espousing the “Buy Local” mantra in Charleston’s Charlie magazine that I receive weekly and decided I wanted to have a couple of posts in that vein here on Savory Exposure. For the folks outside of Atlanta that enjoy the blog, I’ll be sure to include links for places that offer mail and/or online ordering.

Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio – the start of the holiday season was kicked off by a lighting ceremony in Downtown Cleveland. This also meant the opening of a skating rink in the city center. Although I’ve never donned skates myself, the opening of outdoor skating rinks ( I hear the public rink in my old hometown has moved east over to the Wade Oval) has always symbolized the holidays for me.

You’d have to be quite the Scrooge to not feel a touch of the holiday spirit at Park Tavern this winter. Christmas music is streaming overhead and a rather large Christmas tree sits overlooking the covered rink.

Even though I’ve lived through 20+ years of freezing weather throughout the winter months, I’m a bit of a wuss and not a fan of the colder climate. Although folks were bundled up in coats, tall boots and scarves, space is heated and with the exception of the walk from the car to the restaurant, a jacket isn’t even a necessity.

Park Tavern is better known for their bar food, frequent parties and cold beer ($1 drafts when it’s raining!) but their sushi is decent. I won’t get into the semantics of authenticity and rolls — I enjoy both foie gras, and a good Philadelphia roll. PT’s surf and turf roll (shrimp & wagyu beef) is a lot of fun.

Seared Wagyu beef with avocado, Yukon gold truffle frites and Japanese mustard sauce


We’re deep in the middle of holiday party season, so if you don’t get a chance this month to check out the rink, don’t fret – it’s open until Valentine’s Day.

PARK TAVERN 500 10th Street, Atlanta, GA 30309 (404) 249-0001