Farm Burger Decatur chef Terry Koval


The weather forecast appeared threatening all week yet miraculously a day before the coast was clear. Festivalgoers dodged beads of sweat rather than raindrops as the fourth annual Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival descended on JCT Kitchen and environs on the Westside. The fundraiser benefits Georgia Organics and participating chefs & mixologists honor the mighty tomato in specially prepared dishes & libations.

Perennial favorite mixologists Raul & Paul at Pura Vida

Pura Vida chef Hector Santiago

Livingston chef Zeb Stevenson went with a Christmas in July theme

Five Seasons West cooled down the crowd with an icy creation

Will from Avondale Estates’ brewery Wild Heaven held down the fort

Bocado’s chef Todd Ginsberg offered up tostadas

Miller Union’s crew went with a take on a michelada

Miller Union mixologist Stuart White

Harper McClure of The Federalist in D.C.

E.J. Hodgkinson of Woodfire Grill

Chef band Five Bone Rack fronted by chef Ted Lahey from Table & Main

Callie Schlosser & Jerry Slater of H. Harper Station

Miles Macquarrie of Leon’s Full Service

The annual event raised over $40,000 last year for Georgia Organics

Looking for more tomato action? Check out photos from past photos by yours truly from last year’s festival.