Dessert spread at Lobby restaurant
Dessert spread at Lobby restaurant

I love dessert – ranging from petite macarons to towering chocolate cake. There was a mandarin cream cake baked by Eric Wolitzky for an Atlanta Food & Wine event that I may still have dreams about. The Cypress Street burger, sandwiched between two glazed Sublime Doughnuts is just that, sublime. A delightful lunch at Lobby in Atlantic Station was taken to the next level when the assortment of desserts you see at the top of this page was presented to the table. If you’ve ever seen Top Chef, you’ve no doubt seen incredibly talented individuals falter when it comes producing excellent pastry dishes, there’s definitely an art to it.

I’m not a baker myself, but for the past few years I’ve jumped at the chance to help out with the annual No Kid Hungry bake sale spearheaded by Tami Hardeman of Running with Tweezers, with friend and fellow blogger Christina Arpante of Mele Cotte. It amazes me each year that while juggling photo shoots & running a successful business, that Tami has the time and energy to focus on a bake sale that’s the envy of others, and I was so proud when I heard that she’s being recognized by Share Our Strength for her efforts.

My parents weren’t rich going up, but thankfully I’ve never had to worry if there would be food at the kitchen table. We had a grocery store just two blocks away with a bounty of fresh produce, meats & staples. In the summer, my mother would grow callaloo (similar to spinach) and tomatoes. We even had a cherry tree in the front yard. My parents would drag my sister and I to the West Side Market in Cleveland. Some days I hated it, and other days I marveled at the rows of fruits & vegetables, meat & seafood coming from all around the world.

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Sadly, there are children across the country who are worried about when they’ll receive their next meal. I can’t imagine having the pressure of going to school, passing standardized tests, trying to get ahead, and at the same time go hungry at night. Share Our Strength has taken this challenge head on and I’m excited to be a small part in that effort with this year’s bake sale which will again be hosted at Cook’s Warehouse in Ansley Mall, from 9am – 1pm.

I’d love to see you there, and if your schedule doesn’t allow – please consider donating online. If you follow me on twitter, you know that I’m in full-on promotion mode, but it’s for a great cause. Our Atlanta bake sale has been #1 in no small part to our online donation efforts. If you do make it out, I promise that you’ll have a choice of delicious desserts baked by local bloggers and generous businesses.If you’d like a taste of what you’ll find on the bake sale table online, follow our facebook page and check for updates from Tami on twitter.

See you there!



Cook’s Warehouse

1544 Piedmont Road

Atlanta, GA 30324