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Chef Kevin Gillespie at the Piedmont Park Green Market



Without a doubt, Chef Kevin Gillespie’s upcoming restaurant Gunshow is one of the most highly anticipated restaurants of the year. I met Kevin close to five years ago before he (& his beard) became a big hit on Bravo’s Top Chef when photographing a fun wine pairing series on my friend Hardy’s blog. He’s gone on to great success since then and thankfully, hasn’t let the fame go to his head. He’s been extremely nice and of course, is excited to have his own restaurant  to unleash to the world, on his own terms and his own neighborhood here in Atlanta.

Gunshow Kevin Gillespie


I stopped by recently while they were getting ready for the big day and chatted with Kevin about his new restaurant, Gunshow. He’s taking a different path, going from a high end fine dining restaurant, Woodfire Grill, with multi-course tasting menus, an excellent cocktail program and lengthy wine list, to a menu where items are all under $20, with many under $15.  He’s aiming for beer & wine & dessert prices to be very wallet friendly as well, with the menu changing weekly.

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An item that caught my eye on the draft menu I spotted was called Tunnbrodsrulle, a Swedish hot dog dish topped with shrimp. I certainly can’t pronounce it, but if you’d like to attempt it, check out this Bourdain clip. He was introduced to the dish by a Swedish member of his team. A pork skin risotto dish sounded amazing, leg of lamb with Greek farmer’s salad as well as spring vegetables in edible Georgia pollen.

However, as mentioned earlier, the menu will change often so please abandon your pitchforks if they don’t make the opening menu this week. Clearly the diners will be in for an adventure, the kitchen you see in the photo is not hidden behind any panels, the kitchen, as well as the walk-in cooler is in full view of the entire restaurant. (UPDATE! Gunshow’s current menu is now available online) If you have a question on an item available, most likely you’ll be able to ask Kevin or one of the other chefs themselves as they’ll be wheeling carts around, dim sum style.

For more information and photos from the restaurant, be sure to check out Carly’s blog post on Atlanta Magazine’s Covered Dish. I hope to see you at the Gunshow!


924 Garrett St SE

Atlanta, GA 30316


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