Low Country Boil

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of being invited to not one, but two outdoor crawfish boils, and I jumped at the chance to attend both. One invite came from an old friend, and fellow blogger Sean of The Hungry Southerner, and one new, Jeff Sigler, chef at The Lawrence. Both of them have been throwing events for years and have perfected their gatherings of friends & family surrounded by glorious seafood & cold beer.

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I’ve photographed an indoor crawfish boil before but this was my first time getting down and dirty at an event myself. I left the camera at home, and stuck to iPhone snaps between bites. I’ll have to admit that I’ve mostly had crawfish in étouffée and wasn’t sure if I was ready to put forth the effort of extracting crawfish from their reddened shells.

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I had a lot of fun at both events and appreciated the different takes on the tradition on both parties. A generous dusting on Tony Chachere’s at one event, and grilled bread and homemade mayo for making andouille sausage sandwiches at the other. Large tubs of craft beer at the first location, and kegs of local beer and a cooler full of Hurricanes at the other.

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In both cases there were plenty of smiles, budding and renewed friendships all around. If you’re lacking an invite, there are many restaurants that host events and catering companies that will offer do to the hard work for you. My friend Nealey Dozier has a few tips if you’re planning on throwing your own party. In case you’re reading this early on May 23, South City Kitchen @ Vinings is holding an event tonight (call for reservations 770-435-0700) and on Saturday my friend Chef Rawle Fraser of Yard 54 is offering a low country boil with all the fixin’s (beer included) at his home in Reynoldstown & is open to the public.

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