Table & Main front

In my last post, I briefly mentioned that I headed up to Roswell, GA for a quick photo shoot & decided to make a day of it and hit a few stops in and around the town’s historic downtown. I’ve spoken with Ryan Pernice, owner of Table & Main restaurant online for a while but somehow I haven’t been able to make it up to the restaurant itself, although I’ve had Chef Ted Lahey’s food at the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival and most recently at Taste of the Nation, where Ryan & I finally met in person.

table main ryan pernice-2


Sadly, the kitchen was closed so I don’t have any food porn to show to you today. As you can see, the grounds of the restaurant is beautiful and the sky was the perfect softbox for an outdoor shoot. Ryan isn’t running for political office, so I didn’t choose the shot here for publication, but I love it all the same.

Ryan Pernice


Ryan loves bourbon and is proud of the list he has at the restaurant’s Bourbon bar. He was sipping on Four Roses while I was there, and at the conclusion of the shoot I chose a whiskey from Berkshire Mountain distillers out of Massachusetts(!). It gets the Savory Exposure seal of approval. For more on Ryan, and the headshot chosen for the shoot, head on over to Eater. Congrats on the Young Guns nomination Ryan, and good luck! I hope to be back to try the food there soon.

table main ryan pernice-4