The Savory Exposure 10

The Savory Exposure 10


I’m a bit of a social media junkie, and as a visual person, Instagram is king. My entry into photography and getting more serious about it began with Flickr many years ago when I purchased my first digital SLR, the original Digital Rebel. It set me back $1,000 and was equipped with a whopping 6.3 megapixels of photographic power. As mobile photography caught on, I ended up using camera phones with increasing frequency – I love having a camera with me everywhere I go. I currently use an iPhone 4S that’s on its last legs (c’mon, iPhone 5S announcement!) and I have very little music on it, but approximately 5GB of images (down from 6).

Although I’m a big fan of Twitter and enjoy a healthy following there, chefs, bartenders & other food lovers are busy folks who work long hours and may not have time to keep up with and endless stream of chatter and hashtags. I’ve noticed that with Instagram it’s really easy to snap a quick photo of mise en place, a trip to the farmer’s market, a dish or cocktail in progress with little or no commentary involved. Beyond the press releases and hype, it’s a great way to connect with what’s going on in the food scene and have a direct connection with the kitchen.

Everyone  loves lists, I can’t help but click on them when Buzzfeed, Eater, Thrillist & more share them via social media. While writing for Citysearch, I received a ton of feedback on different guides I produced and I thought it’d be a nice way share information to everyone. Today I’m introducing the inaugural Savory Exposure 10.

This first list include ten food lovers in Atlanta to follow on Instagram. When compiling the list, I quickly learned that there will be a repeat of this list, as there are a ton of great folks to follow to get a feel for what’s going on in kitchens throughout the city. I’ve met many of the folks on this list, and hope to meet others. I hope you enjoy this list, and I welcome feedback! I’m already planning the next list, and it’ll likely include folks from outside of Atlanta, and then I’ll circle back to my ATLiens. Without further ado…

Virginia Willis is an amazing chef and food writer who I’ve met on many occasions. As her Instagram profile states, she loves grits, bourbon, and if you’ve ever read her articles or blog posts, you know that she loves her mama. She’s had experience with television and I can tell that, like myself, she’s a visual person as her photos of food are mouthwatering. She travels to New England frequently and inspires a great deal of wanderlust when flipping through her stream. Follow Virginia at @virginiawillis on twitter.

Andre eats out a lot. When folks see me they say that I do, but it’s truly no comparison to him. The truth is, when I eat out, I typically spread my posts out over 2-3 days in order not to overwhelm my followers, although when I do go out, I usually make the best of it and hit up multiple spots in one day.  Andre doesn’t have a blog, run a restaurant, and I have no idea if he cooks. I do know that he enjoys good food. He’s a little shy, so don’t expect to see many selfies. However you’ll likely see a glimpse into what’s going on in the kitchens of his favorite spots, which include Cakes & Ale and The General Muir. The man has taste, follow him at @andblan.


Kevin Gillespie’s Gunshow restaurant changes its many constantly. The kitchen dudes, as they call themselves on their IG profile produce beautiful plates and love to share them. You’ll only find a sample menu on the restaurant’s website, so check out @gunshowatl on Instagram (and twitter) to find out what they’re currently cooking up.

Jarrett Stieber is a bit of a roving chef, who currently has set up shop at the Candler Park Market evenings from Monday-Friday. He’s cooked at many restaurants around town and I shared   some of his dishes when he joined with the Steady Hand Pour House guys for their Iberian Pig pop-up. I haven’t made it out to CPM yet but enjoy checking out his plates in his IG stream. Follow him at @jarrettstieber.

Arianne Fielder is one woman publicity machine and is constantly creating new libations and sharing them on Instagram. You’ll find her creations, along with many of her colleagues of the Atlanta chapter of the bartender’s guild. Whether it’s behind the bar at her new spot Article 14, on the go at a bartender competition or at bars around town, you’ll find it on her stream at @ArianneBar.

I can’t help but include my close friend Tami on this list. I was really excited when she bought an iPad and started contributing to Instagram so I could see what she’s been up to in the kitchen between blog posts. She’s a food stylist by day and occasionally shares a glimpse of life on the set, as well as photos of her pug Mingus. Her dishes plated at home are magazine worthy, and you can find her at @runwithtweezers.

I love La Tavola Trattoria and I don’t make it there as often as I’d like. I’ve never met Brian Moll to my knowledge, but I enjoy his photos on Instagram. It’s evident that the man loves vegetables, and you’ll find many in his IG stream – herbs to pickling to tomato tastings can be found there. Check him out at @bcmoll

On Chadwick Boyd’s stream, he displays all things Lovely + Delicious. It’s his tagline and the name of his consulting business. He’s based in Atlanta but his photos cover his coast to coast travels , from Oregon to NYC and his many TV appearances. You’ll find meals that he’s cooked and plenty of restaurant dishes on his stream at @ChadwickBoyd.

Todd Richards is a great guy and he’s made a few appearances on the blog. Todd loves to document his food at The Shed at Glenwood and recipe development for the upcoming Pig & the Pearl restaurant. He’s also a music lover and you might find a DJ photo or two. He’s a newbie to Instagram and I’m looking forward to seeing more of him on IG under his username at @cheftoddrichards.

To my knowledge, I haven’t met Drew Belline but have bumped into him at food events. His restaurant No. 246 is a perfect place for a surprisingly affordable lunch – it’s hard for me to choose between the agnolotti and the porchetta sandwich. You’ll find photos ranging from Drew’s travels to the restaurant’s garden to the kitchen. You’ll find him on IG at @drewbelline246.

That’s all for now! Any questions? Feedback? Suggestions? Let me know in the comments. I’ll probably update and have a proper badge at some point, but I’m not a graphic designer. Any help in that regard would be much appreciated. Congrats to the winners!