Red Pepper nachos | Savory Exposure

Red Pepper Taqueria | Savory Exposure


A couple of months ago I headed to Red Pepper Taqueria for a freelance writing assignment, and even though I’ve had takeout from them and heard raves from others, I was pretty surprised by how much I liked it. I’m a fan of dingy, English-not-on-the-menu strip mall taquerias and counters in the back of Mexican grocery stores. I enjoy their fresh take on tacos, incredible nachos with skirt steak, and baked oysters.

red pepper nachos-2

red pepper nachos


On my recent visit I enlisted their help in a few cocktails to help kickstart my new blog. Yes, I’ve got a new blog, with a similar name, Sartorial Exposure. I hope to have it updated frequently with a few of my favorite topics outside of the fool realm. Men’s style, drinks, travel and other lifestyle topics. Considering that it’s only a few weeks old, it’s doing surprisingly well traffic wise and people seem to dig it. I’d love it if you helped to spread the word and follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. My newest post features a cocktail I had while I was there, a great concoction with sotol, cucumber and St. Germain.

Red Pepper nachos | Savory Exposure


Taste of Mexico drink flight - Tequila, Sotol  and Mezcal



3135 Piedmont Rd

Atlanta, GA 30305



2149 Briarcliff Rd

Atlanta, GA 30329



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