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Saturday morning @ ParkGrounds

A wine list with just one or two wines? It’s just unacceptable, however for the most part it’s acceptable when it comes to coffee. ParkGrounds menu can be a bit intimidating for a newcomer with typically more than four coffees available to choose from various regions in the coffee word. This doesn’t need to be …


East Lake Farmer’s Market

Atlanta has an abundance of great neighborhood farmer’s markets, and after checking them out now and then these past few years, it hasn’t been a regular weekend staple until this year. Last week was my first trip to a new farmer’s market in East Lake near Decatur. East Lake’s is new this year and serves …


Grits in the Garden

The skies above Atlanta can’t seem to figure out what season it is lately, but the calendar does seem to indicate that it is indeed spring. I love spring in Atlanta, especially when it comes to dining outdoors. So when my friend Mike invited me over for shrimp and grits, inspired by a recent trip …